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EVA sheets with custom cut shapes

Custom cutting - one of the methods of processing EVA material, with which you can create original three-dimensional patterns of varying complexity on the surface of the sheets. It is possible to pass single-layer or multi-layer laminated EVA-sheets through figured cutting. It is easy to work with such material - it is easily cut with a clerical knife, cut down with punches, skinned and glued. The embossed texture combined with the bright colors of the material make the products colorful and unique.

Unique texture

Our EVA products are colorful and bright, pleasant to the touch.

Environmental friendliness and safety

The material is odorless and safe for humans.

Water resistance

EVA doesn't absorb moisture and doesn't accumulate unpleasant odors due to the closed porous structure.

Wide color range

Wide range of colors and shades makes it possible to choose the material to solve almost any of your tasks.

Minimal weight

The lightness of the material allows not to weigh down the final product.

Figured sheets can also be covered with leather, eco-leather and textile.

Subsequently, such material is used for lodgments, in the shoe industry - for the insoles of summer open shoes, as well as for waterproof galoshes and boots.

EVA-line has a choice of shaped cutters.

Our team is always ready to advise and find the right option for you.

We work in Ukraine and are ready to ship the goods abroad.

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