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EVA Sheets for Car mats production

EvaLine offers its own sheets for the production of auto carpets made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). Today, this material is used in the production of sports and summer footwear, flooring for kids, toys, tatami for martial arts. The use of EVA in the manufacture of auto carpets contributed to the creation of an entirely new product. EVA is a lightweight and at the same time resilient material.

Special structure

The main feature of sheets for the production of auto carpets is a special cellular honeycomb-like structure. As a result, all garbage, dust or water are collected at the bottom of the cells, and the surface of the carpet that is in contact with the shoes remains dry and clean. Auto carpets made of EvaLine sheets are quite rigid and may be easily removed from interior for cleaning.

Temperature Resistance

EVA products endure perfectly high and low temperatures. The material is able to endure exposures to chemical agents used on roads in the cold season. These are the best auto carpets for winter and summer.

Original design

EvaLine sheets are available in diverse design variations: they fit perfectly into any style and complement your interior.

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