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Сomfort mats for cows from manufactor

Burenka EVA mats are innovative flooring made by domestic manufacturer – Eva-Line. EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is a foamed polymer that has good hygienic and shockabsorbing properties used in medicine, sports, footwear industry, in the manufacture of children’s toys and various types of flooring. Burenka EVA mats are environmentally friendly and safe.

Low thermal conductivity

Our floor mats for cattle have low thermal conductivity, which is important for cows to rest in the autumn-winter period.

Injury rate decrease

Burenka floor EVA mats consist of millions of compressed air bubbles that absorb the pressure, especially when cow is lying down and experiences heavy knee loads. Burenka EVA mats are made in such a way to distribute the weight of the animal during walking, ensuring the safety of hoofs and joints. According to statistics, as a result of using EVA mats, the number of cattle injuries dropped to 80%.

Comfortable and practical

Unlike rubber coatings, Burenka EVA mats are easy and comfortable when cleaning. Due to a drainage system, dirt and urine do not congest on the surface, so the surface of the mat always remains as clean as possible. The stable equipped with Burenka EVA mat does not require additional straw litter.

EVA Line - high quality livestock flooring

When choosing a material for the arrangement of livestock complexes, three key factors must be considered:

  • compliance with sanitary standards;
  • compliance of the material with building codes for this category of premises;
  • fire safety.

Our company offers you EVA anti-splash mats, which will be the best solution for arranging the floors of livestock complexes. This material is characterized by wear resistance and high strength, it is resistant to moisture and perfectly withstands static and dynamic loads.

Its multilayer structure deserves special attention: the bottom is a drainage system, the top is a large embossing. It is precisely due to its structure and characteristic features of the material that such a coating does not slip, does not absorb moisture and livestock waste, dries quickly and does not deform under the weight of animals.

Low thermal conductivity

Burenka EVA mats are unique in their low thermal conductivity. Unlike rubber coatings, at low temperatures, Burenka EVA mats retain all their properties, do not get slippery, and animals may get up and lay steadily without fear of injuries. Lying areas equipped with Burenka EVA mats ensure that cows may rest several-fold than on a similar product made of another material. The use of EVA coatings greatly reduces mastitis probability, which leads to an increase in milk yield.

  Burenka EVA mat: Rubber: Wood (oak):
Thermal conductivity, W/(m*K) 0,035 0,28 0,10
Hardness, Shore А 65 - 70 80 - 85 -
Density (kg/m3) 320 1190 870
Service life up to 10 years up to 10 years up to 1 years


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