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EVA Sheets for shoes production

The sole is one of the key elements of the shoe - the foundation and platform for the feet, which is in direct contact with the surface. It protects shoes from wear and tear and determines the term of their use. It is the sole that is exposed to intense mechanical impact, deformations, and surface abrasion. Because of this, materials for manufacturing soles must be as resistant to external irritants as possible.

High thermal insulation power

The components are made from EVA material, which is to avenge a large number of microscopic feasts, to repeat the repetitions, which allow you to keep warm.

High elasticity

At high and low temperatures, shoe elements made of EVA remain soft and do not deform.

Light weight

EVA material has a low weight, which is ideal for the manufacture of shoe components.

Environmental friendliness

Ethylene vinyl acetate was developed for the medical field, so it does not contain and does not emit substances harmful to health, does not cause allergies in direct contact with the skin.

Advantages of footwear accessories with EVA

EVA has a porous structure, i.e. filled with microscopic air bubbles. And it contributes not only to lightness, but also creates excellent thermal insulation. For example, in rubber boots (PVC) at 0C it is already cold, even with a warm toe, and in EVA molded shoes it is warm. Important advantages of the EVA material are elasticity and resilience.

The practicality of shoes made of EVA material

Therefore, it is widely used in the manufacture of footwear, and so on. orthopedic. The EVA sole is soft, with excellent cushioning properties, which are also maintained at low temperatures. Up to -60 degrees Celsius.

In such shoes, legs are less tired, it is comfortable and comfortable to walk in it. Such shoes serve for a long time. In addition, if orthopedic shoes, with a sole containing EVA material, are purchased on time, this can support health for many years.

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