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Tatami, sports mats

Tatami and sports mats are an essential accessory for gymnastics, fitness, wrestling, yoga and many other sports. We present a wide range of sports mats and tatami mats made of elastic hypoallergenic EVA material. They are easy to clean, do not absorb moisture, have good cushioning and can be easily folded or disassembled an infinite number of times, which is indispensable for off-site training or competitions.

Embossing Anti Slide

Tatami and sports mats of our production are distinguished by a relief surface texture - Anti Slide. This special embossing is excellent at preventing slipping during training or exercise, and further enhances the adhesion of the tatami or mat to the athlete's feet.

Unique mount

Our tatami mats have a unique dovetail attachment system. This not only completely eliminates gaps between the tatami, but also allows you to assemble a covering of the required configuration of any size in a matter of minutes.

Excellent shock absorption

EvaLine mats and tatami are impact resistant and have good shock absorption properties. This significantly reduces the risk of injury from an accidental fall, and also provides an additional level of protection for the athlete's muscles and joints.

Sports mats and tatami - essential equipment for training

Gymnastics, wrestling, fitness and many other sports require special sports mats or tatami mat. During training, falls and bumps are inevitable, and mats or tatami mats will help to minimize the risk of injury. In addition, doing various exercises or stretching is much more convenient and comfortable on mats than just on the floor. In order for mats and tatami to fully fulfill all their functions, special requirements are imposed on them, especially with regard to the level of rigidity and shock absorption. It is these indicators that help reduce injuries from impacts and falls.

Types of mats and their features

Sports mats are usually divided into several groups, depending on their purpose and disciplines, namely:

  • gymnastic;
  • tatami mats;
  • children;
  • roll mats;
  • folding.

Each category of these mats has its own level of hardness.

The most common today are gymnastics mats, as they can be used not only in gymnastics training, but also in camps, sports clubs, schools and kindergartens. These sports mats are firm enough to cushion the impact of a fall.

Children's mats are less rigid, small in size and bright colors. They are made from leatherette or other modern materials.

Roll mats are most commonly used for fitness and yoga, and because they are easy to roll and transport, they are often used for outdoor sports.

Folding mats are characterized by their compact size and light weight. For example, tatami for EVA wrestling. They are lightweight, have a non-slip coating and do not require extra effort during installation and disassembly. Dovetail tatami mats have the most durable fastening system, but at the same time they can be assembled and disassembled an infinite number of times, and they will not lose their appearance and level of rigidity. That is why today tatami mats made of EVA material are the best option for competitions or on-site training.

Types of sports mats

There are currently several options for sports mats on the market. They all have their own characteristics:

  • Secondary foam rubber - mats from this material began to be produced back in the days of the Soviet Union. Today, PVV sports mats are not so popular anymore. This is due to the fact that they strongly absorb moisture, crumble and quickly break at bends.
  • Polyethylene foam - mats made of this material are non-toxic and safe for health. Such mats and tatami mats are durable, elastic, do not absorb moisture and have good shock absorption.
  • EVA - the production of tatami and sports mats from this material is gaining momentum today. This is due to the fact that EVA mats and tatami are hypoallergenic, high heat and noise insulation, resistant to moisture and household chemicals, have a unique Anti Slide embossing that prevents slipping, shock resistant, have excellent shock absorption, reduces the risk of injury when falling and provide additional protection to the athlete's joints and muscles, and can also be of different thickness, stiffness and color. The tatami mats from the manufacturer can be made with a unique dovetail attachment method, so that they can be quickly folded into the desired configuration and disassembled back. This is very handy for away competitions.

Buy mats and tatami in Ukraine

EvaLine brings to your attention EVA tatami of its own production. Our tatami mats are of high quality and durability. We guarantee that they are absolutely safe for the health of adults and children. This means that even crumbs can train on them. And most importantly, thanks to excellent shock absorption, the risk of injury during training or competition is reduced to zero.

We are the first to start producing EVA tatami mats in Ukraine. We know all the features of this material and are ready to create for you a tatami of the required rigidity, size, configuration and color.

Call us and we will answer all your questions, help you determine the size of the tatami, make and deliver them on time to any corner of our country.

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