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EVA tourist seat pad


The EVA tourist seat pad is must-have for any tourist and traveler. This accessory allows you to make yourself a comfortable and safe rest in any place, regardless of weather conditions.

High degree of protection against moisture

EVA is not afraid of moisture and is 100% waterproof. Thanks to this feature, you can sit on such a seat and not be afraid to get wet, both on damp ground or stones, and in the snow.

Excellent thermal insulation properties

EVA seat pad keep your body warm and do not let the cold outside. This means that tourists can sit quietly on such pad on cold ground and not be afraid to catch a cold.

Minimal weight

EVA has a minimal weight, so the seat pad weighs no more than 85 grams. This means that you can wear this accessory for days without feeling its weight.

Environmentally friendly

The EVA pads are completely safe for human health. They are non-toxic and odorless. So these properties even small children can use our seat pads.

EvaLine seat pad are a necessary accessory for tourists

The seat pad is an irreplaceable, easy-to-use accessory that allows tourists and travelers to sit down on wet, cold ground, as well as any other surface not intended for sitting.

EvaLine offers to your attention a pad for the butt, made of innovative EVA material. EVA has the unique properties and this karrimat provides excellent waterproof protection and thermal insulation. This means that with our seat pad you can safely sit on wet grass, cold ground, snow, and not be afraid to get hypothermic, wet your clothes or catch a cold.

EvaLine - huge assortment of seat pads

Any traveler and tourist knows perfectly well how comfortable it is to hike with a seat pad. It has a minimal weight and a convenient fastening, you don't feel it at all on a hike, but at the same time it reliably protects from cold and moisture.

We offer our clients a huge selection of seat pads. Here you can find both standard rectangular models with rounded corners and a strap for fixing on the hips, as well as interestingly shaped versions that are transported in a backpack and used as a seat.

We made sure that you can choose the seat pad in the desired color. We have green, yellow, purple, orange, red and any other colors of pads.

Please note that we have hobs with and without a fixation strap. You can comfortably fix the first option on your hips, the seat pad will not hinder your movements, but at the same time, as soon as you want to sit down to rest, you can always do it and not be afraid for your health. The second option needs to be transported in a backpack, it conveniently rolls up and quickly takes the form of a seat. Both pads have a minimal weight, so which particular option to choose is up to you.

Advantages of EVA seat pads

  • High quality - The innovative EVA material has excellent performance, thanks to which our seat pads retain all their performance for many years.
  • Excellent thermal insulation and moisture protection - The unique structure of the material keeps your body warm and does not allow cold and moisture to pass from the outside.
  • High shock absorption properties - EVA is a durable material, but soft, so it will be comfortable for you to sit on such pads, and most importantly, even with an accidental deformation, they will quickly take on their original appearance.
  • Minial weight - Our seat pads weigh only 85 grams, so you won't even feel them.
  • Environmentally friendly - the material is non-toxic, does not emit unpleasant odors and is completely safe for human health.
  • Easy Care - EVA has a unique cellular structure making it easy to clean and clean.
  • Secure fit - models with fasteners have reliable fasteners, so that the seat is firmly fixed.

Any of the models presented can be used as a fishing seat or paddle seat for hiking. Our seat pads will be the ideal solution for fishermen, tourists, military men, lovers of long hikes, mountain climbing, as well as hiking and cycling trips.

To buy EVA seat pads you just need to make an electronic order or call the phones on the website. We work throughout Ukraine and are ready to promptly deliver the required number of seat cushions of the desired color to any region of our country.

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