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Laminate underlay


The substrate is made of polymeric material based on EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), which performs the following functions:

  • Depreciation All types of substrates under the laminate to a certain extent eliminate small inequalities of the floor;
  • Soundproofing. Due to the porous structure, even a 3 mm substrate under the laminate is capable of extinguishing the sound vibrations that arise when walking (from the paws of a cat to heels with nails), falling objects on the floor;
  • Moisture insulating. Capillary moisture may come from the thickness of concrete (no matter how much you dry the bond before laying a laminate, the residual moisture is always), which will damage the coating panel;
  • Thermal insulation. Most types of material used to make the substrate belong to the most effective heat insulators. Without a substrate, the floor will be cold at any time of the year.